Your Site Needs Hosting

Almost all places that offer you the facility to purchase a Domain name will offer you hosting too.

From experience and from talking to many (many, many), I will not recommend using GoDaddy, Blue Host, Hostinger, Hostgator, and many other sites for their hosting services. I’m not saying that you can’t use them, just that I wouldn’t, and my thoughts are my own.


What am I referring to anyway when I say Hosting? You have the Domain Name, and you have a Designer chomping at your ankles to get the site built, so what is Hosting?

Hosting is the gateway to the web! (Cue the Choir humming aloud).

The Domain is the Identity. The Site is the Body. The Hosting is the Lifeforce that picks up the body and lets others see it. Without the Hosting, no-one will see your site.

No Hosting = A Dead Zone = End Of.

I am bias with my recommendation though I have tried many in the last 12 years, and without a doubt, Siteground have been amazing.

They offer fantastic Hosting Packages from 5.99 per month, absolutely mind-blowing support and tech-help behind the scenes (24/7) and give you all the tools you need to get things up and running quickly.

Many Developers and Designers use Siteground.

If you decide to do the hosting yourself, go for Siteground and use the steps they give to connect your Domain’s DNS to their Server.

Or you could ask us to do it for you. Starting at £6 per month – we could purchase your Domain and put you on Siteground’s Hosting – and on top of that, you would get us looking after your site’s daily backups, SSL Site Security, hosted maintenance and ensuring things are fine.

Think about it. You could pay £5.99 + VAT to use Siteground, plus you still need to purchase your Domain Name, and then do the backend tech stuff – or use us for £6.