Wix, 123 Reg, GoDaddy or Siteground

There is nothing wrong with the 99p Self Build Website Advertisements that are routinely around us in many forms. Wix, GoDaddy and 123 Reg are the most common. They are greatly responsible for giving many the confidence to get onto the web with a blog, a portfolio or just to experiment.

My very first website in 2011 was with Wix, though I didn’t hang around for too long as I felt restricted by its capabilities. More on that later.

Below is an honest comparison of some of the major players, and what we can offer at BATS in terms of Domains, Hosting, and Emails, and I’ve purposefully broken down the costs for Year 1 and Year 2. Why? Well, the big players will promote Free Offers or heavily discounted Packages, that are great for Year 1, but soon leap up on prices for Year 2 onwards. I’ve also listed SiteGround that provide great Hosting and customer support, because although we use them for our Hosting, we offer a discounted rate compared to if you went with them directly.

Wix Siteground WordPress BATS 123 Reg GoDaddy

Please believe me there is no bias shown above. Just a clear breakdown of what you will pay for what you get. I’ve based costs on using the domain: https://BatsWebsite.co.uk

123 Reg will cost you £228 for the first year if you take out the Starter Package.

  • A Free Domain for Year 1 , and then this increases to £14 from Year 2
  • The Hosting will be £214 for Year 1, and then £286 after that.
  • But here’s the whammy – because you’ll have to pay for SSL from Year 2 – which is £48 per year. (You get SSL Free for Year 1).
  • Emails aligned to your domain will cost £14 for Year 1, and then £18 per year.


GoDaddy also offers Freebies as part of the Basic Package.

  • The Domain is Free for Year 1, and then £18 per year.
  • The Hosting is £144 for Year 1, and then £187 per year.
  • Again, like 123 Reg, you’ll pay extra for SSL from Year 2; £72.
  • Emails are Free for the first year, and then £72 per year afterwards.


Wix is Free for the Domain and Hosting if you’re happy to use a heavily populated Shared Server, have adverts on your site, and to have a Domain of https://BATS.wix.com.

Not very professional in my opinion, and you’ll struggle to get an email address, thus you’ll use GMAIL or another service. 

If you decide to Upgrade to obtain a custom Domain, then the costs start.

  • The Domain is Free for Year 1, and then £18 per year.
  • The Combo Package removes the adverts, and costs £115 for every year.
  • Emails cost £86 per year.
SiteGround is not a bad place to start as it functions in the same manner with the above components and providing you with a Page Builder including templates.
  • The Domain will cost £18 per year
  • The StartUp Package includes Hosting, SSL, Emails, and Daily Backups as well as more easier to manage Control Panel (hence why we use it) and costs £86 for Year 1, and then £172 per year afterwards.


At BATS, although we use SiteGround, we offer discounted rates with our Basic (Non Maintained Hosting as per the others above) is £6 per month and costs £72 per year. A significant reduction compared to the others.

  • Includes Emails
  • Hosting
  • Domain
  • SSL
Wix Siteground WordPress BATS 123 Reg GoDaddy Mini

The costs over the first 2 years are shown above. These costings do not include Premium Page Builders, Templates, Specific Plugins or Developer costs as they are subjective. I must stress that BATS offer Elementor Pro (normally cost of £49 per year) for FREE as part of our hosting. and the cost of a Standard Site at £240 is highly competitive.

A big difference between BATS and the big players is that we offer a monthly contract and do not require you to pay for a full year in advance, whereas the others do. Wix do allow you to pay monthly but then the costs rise.

Wix is the only service above that does not permit the use of WordPress. This could cause you problems if wanting to migrate or transfer your site to a new hosting provider.

Contact BATS for more information.

The above prices could change, but I hope that has helped and would always ask that you compare what is on offer and don’t be swayed by the 99p offer because it’s not all it seems to be with Year 2 Costs, and the Hidden Hosting. SSL, and Email charges. Without them, your domain is as useful as a bag of maltesers in a tub of volcanic lava.