The Easy Way to Add Google Analytics to WordPress

An area often overlooked is connecting your site to Google Analytics. Quite simply, using GA unleashes a massive amount of information about the visitors, time spent, pages landed upon, devices, and their location. For marketing and understanding your web traffic/readership, this is all important!

Imagine a page or post that is getting few or no hits? Would you continue in that same way, or would you want to modify and take note of the pages/posts that are getting hammered (in a good way – possibly with a mallet, like one of those inflatable ones, so it doesn’t really hurt … as much).

Let’s simply go over how to add GA to WordPress for FREE with a Plugin!

We’ll be using The Google Site Kit – built by Google, in case you were nervous.

Find this by clicking the link or just type ‘Site Kit’ into the Search Bar for ‘Add New Plugin’.

Google Site Kit Analytics WordPress

After installing and activating it, you’ll be asked to click ‘Start Setup’ which begins the process of verification.

Step 1: Log in to your Google Account.

Step 2: You may be asked to confirm that you want to manage your site; do allow all of those. And then you’ll receive the ‘Congrats’ screen. Click ‘Go to my Dashboard’.

Google Site Kit Analytics WordPress 2

Step 3: In WordPress, go to the New Google Site Kit present in the sidebar, and go to Settings, and then go to Connect More Services.

Step 4: Next click on Set Up Analytics

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Again, you’ll be asked to verify and accept that you want to see details about your site. Go ahead and accept.

Step 5: Best to click the Account Section and click ‘Set up a New Account’, because it will create one based on your Website Name which is easier to manage if you look after many sites. And then click Configure Analytics.

Don’t be surprised if asked to verify again. 

Google Site Kit Analytics WordPress 4

Now comes the bad news. It may take 24 hours before details flow in for this on the Analytics side, but rest assured that it will.