How We Do Your Website

Got your Domain and Hosting? Good.

Got WordPress? Even better.

Got an Idea of Content? Hand over the scribbles.

Got Elementor Pro? [Record scratches to a halt]

Elementor is a world-leading Page Builder for WordPress and every site that we’ve build, even this one is built with Elementor. We don’t stop at the Basic Free Elementor. Oh no, we want the full load of widgets to help your site look amazing, so we install Elementor Pro – that actually costs £40 per year – for FREE for you!

This makes it easier for us to build, but also saves you from hiring a HTML Coder or a Developer who charges into the £Thousands for changes.

It always helps the time taken to build a site if you know the logo, colours, narrative content, images, pages, layout and other bits and pieces.

Don’t fret though.

If you have little idea, we can help you along the way. The site build may take longer than our Average of 4 days, but we always get there (together).

Our process is to get the Landing or the Home Page done first, and once we’re agreed on the Headings, Footers, Content, Layout and all else, then we progress onto the other pages. We always want to be sure that you’re happy and believe in what you see.

Our basic build cost of £240 is not based on 4 days work, or a total of 21 hours of work, etc. Our cost is based on reaching the end even if it takes longer.

At various stages, we’ll share the site with you and ask you to assess so you’re not left wondering about progress.

And most of all, we will build your site to be work responsively on a Desktop, Tablet and a Mobile.