Business Web Design


How We Create Websites

Developing a site back in 2011 was a far different experience. You didn’t have to be an expert on HTML coding, though appreciation helped when adjusting the font or colour midway through a paragraph. WordPress was the go-to platform for sites. You’d often spend countless hours scrolling through themes and templates trying to find one that ticked the boxes.

And let’s be honest – they rarely ticked all the boxes.

There was always something not quite right – and unless you spent a fair amount to tweak, or took the risk of coding thus entering the realms of Matrix glitchiness; you took what you got.

Fast forward to now where we utilise WordPress and Elementor Pro. WordPress is still WordPress with an ever expanding range of plugins and features (and the numerous plugins isn’t a bad thing especially as some have been out long enough to have enough reviews to know if it’s worth you click or not).

But Elementor took us to Cloud 9.

Page Builders have come and gone, with the promise of Drag and Drop, or have bombarded us with how simple it is to construct a site. Elementor truly delivers. It’s not without a few issues and how easily you can get it wring without a creative mind, but the time taken to bespoke a site to make our customers dance is fantastic.

Every site we work on will get Elementor Pro installed – and don’t worry as we cover the license cost for this – so that we can reduce the number of additional plugins required. We want to give you what you want for the desktop, tablet and mobile.

We’re building our customer base and are loving the success so far, especially the close relationships that we’re building with many. The fact that many refer us on to their friends and families means a lot, and that’s built upon the 1-2-1 contact we have. We’re not a sales team with time limited offers, or buy now or lose it methods. We’re honest and will never force a sale.

Most of all – we can remove the pain for a customer who has or hasn’t tried to build a site. Elementor Pro and WordPress is simple to pass back to customers to self-manage their site if they choose to do so, thus we’ll never construct a site that traps you into using us forever because it’s been built on a complicated Skynet system.