Great Tips on Using Rankmath for SEO

Not using Rankmath for your SEO – like what?!!!

Sure, there are many SEO tools/plugins/codes/UFOs and Bigfoots – but if you want to be in the game and you’re using Elementor, then Rankmath is the place to be. Get the FREE Plugin here. Rank Math – SEO Plugin for WordPress – WordPress plugin |

I won’t be covering the installation or the initial set-up which is so intuitive anyway,  and instead cover how you can achieve a score of 100/100 for a Page’s Rankmath Score.

One of our sites: needed top-notch SEO to help it get noticed due to a common Keyword, and although it will take lots of Organic Searches plus clicking (and staying on the site) visits to help it gain steps in the rankings, a damn good Rankmath score will be duly noted by Google.

The home-page for the site currently has a Rankmath score of 100 out of (drumroll) 100!

Getting 100 isn’t simple and sometimes, depending on your content, you may just scrape past 80/100, and that’s not bad, but the closer you are to 90, the better, and 100/100 is well… the Holy Grail.

Rankmath Score Tips on using rankmath for seo bats website design

When building a page in Elementor, open the new tab in the Edit Pane called SEO.

As you work through your site, take note of all the areas highlighted as requiring improvement. The quicker you get your Keywords, Action Words, and the Snippet that will appear in Google into place, the better for you.

Rankmath Items

Don’t be alarmed. It’s not that difficult, and as you click the Tooltips, you’ll get lots of… tooltips… 

Because you’ll have completed your snippet and keywords,  see below, then modifying your page’s content slightly to accommodate this is easier. Doing this at the end, after you’ve built a page can be more annoying.

Rankmath Snippets

In the above image, only 1 of the 5 allowed keywords is shown for obvious reasons, but the very first keyword that you select must be present within your page’s content and sometimes the URL.

Let’s cover off some of the items for the page’s Rankmath SEO.

1. The Main Focus Keyword (KW) has been set = Hypnobirthing

2. The KW is in the SEO Title = Hypnobirthing in Leicester

3. The KW is in the SEO Description = Hypnobirthing in Leicester uses words to focus the mind, to let go of negative preconceived ideas and to help you relax/enjoy your birth with antenatal classes.

4. The KW appears in the first 10% of the Home Page’s content.

5. The KW appears throughout the content.

6. The KW appears in the subheadings (thus not just H1, but H2, H3 etc)

7. Images used on the page have the KW detailed within the Image ALT Description. You’ll always see this field below the image when adding to the Media Library or to a page.

8. Link to other pages in your site, and some external pages too.

9. The KW is at the beginning of the SEO Title – not always easy to do but great if you can.

10. Use short paragraphs thus break up large chunks of text with images.

11. Make the content fresh and don’t just litter it with the KW.

12. A page with just text and no images won’t rank well. So, add an image.

I must repeat that hitting 100/100 on Rankmath does not make you Number 1 in the Google Rankings, but over time, as you gain coverage and clicks, it will help your placement and is better than not having SEO.

Most of the time, when someone calls themselves an SEO Expert, regardless of if they use Rankmath or any other tool, they will go through these (and some other) steps. So make your life easier and get it done.

Or just ask us. We always sort out your site for Rankmath, and do the SEO for the Home Page. Get in touch.