Business Web Design


WordPress is content management software and powers around 30% of websites on the Internet. It is used by thousands of developers and allows us to develop flexible websites.

We prefer you to arrange your own hosting provider but we have plenty of recommendations and will support you to get up and running.

Provided you subscribe to our maintenance plan, we will be your first point of call should something go wrong. We will provide training and video tutorials to assist you with any problems.

We provide 30 days of support. After this, you can subscribe to our maintenance plan that includes software updates, backups, and making sure you’re online and open for business 24/7/365.

The time it takes to appear on page 1 can depend on the search phrase and other sites. Nobody can honestly say how long it will take however Search Engine Optimisation fundamentals can improve your chances. We’re happy to talk about your SEO strategy.

We will offer you the chance to install Google analytics on your website to see statistics about your website performance including number of visits, page-views, and the time spent on your website. We have a separate Site Analytics package if you require more detailed analysis.

We like to be flexible, and we’ll assess if the changes can be covered by the initial investment or if further funding is required. We’re always fair and transparent with our proposals.

We’ll download the site in its entirety and give that to you, and explain any Plugin costs.

We can obtain stock images and will only require investment if it is a large quantity.