Don't Forget the Logo/Images

If you have a load of images and a logo ready, then please send them over. And if you have many that are clogging up the inbox, then send them via WeTransfer which is Free.

Before we upload your images, we’ll compress to reduce the size – and don’t worry as this won’t affect the quality of the image – with our suited preference being TinyPNG

I won’t lie; if you compress before sending to us, then it helps.

If you don’t have a logo, then please do ask us to create one for you Our prices start from £25. If you’ve taken out a Hosting Package, then we’ll do it for FREE (within reason).

If you’re short of images, then we can obtain using our Canva PRO account or from Unsplash to get Royalty-Free images suited for your site. Often, we’ll get hold of many so that you can chop and change.