Business Web Design


Bring out the SEO!

Let’s talk about Site Engine Optimisation, also known as SEO.

Having a site online doesn’t guarantee organic/natural visitors knocking on your door. Sure, you’ll have a line of friends and family visiting but they won’t be your main customers or your re-visitors that are willing to share.

Google uses Crawlers (creepy – right?) to gather information about site content especially about the keywords contained in your site. The results of the crawling feeds into an index that alongside an algorithm will define the search results.

Websites at the top of Google didn’t get there by fluke.

They go there via people visiting, people sharing, people searching on certain words, and via strong SEO within the site.

Every task that we take on will have their Home Page optimised using Rank Math . Here we can define the Keywords, the Snippet that appears when you are found on Google, and ensuring that the site hits as many tick boxes as possible to help your site get higher in Google. This also includes submitting your Site Index to Google to get the crawling started.

If you require other pages to be optimised then we charge £10 per page, but rest assured that your Home Page will be thrashed to the maximum in a positive way.

I must add caution that even the best SEO doesn’t guarantee you appearing on the first page of search results. Some things that can help are:

  1. Ask your friends and family to organically search for your site on Google, and to then click it when they find it. Don’t just give them the link.
  2. Ask them to stick around on the site and visit other pages. If they just go to the Home page and then click away, that doesn’t help, and Google notice.
  3. If you have Social Sharing Icons – get them to click and share with their own followers. Links that just take them to your Facebook page can be defeating as they’ll just see your FB page, whereby if they can share directly to their FB, Linkedin, Twitter Feed, then that’s free advertising.
  4. Make sure you add your home page address when posting on social media or to the relevant blog post/page.