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Let me guess...

Business Web Design from Website Marketing experts helping you with E-Commerce Web design and optimising your SEO Digital marketing. Business Web Design from Website Marketing experts helping you with E-Commerce Web design and optimising your SEO Digital marketing. We aim to deliver an outstanding service for Business Web Design. Contact us for any Business Web Design advice.

Business Web Design from Website Marketing experts helping you with E-Commerce Web design and optimising your SEO Digital marketing. Business Web Design from Website Marketing experts helping you with E-Commerce Web design and optimising your SEO Digital marketing.

Just starting out? You’re in the process of launching a new business venture and are looking for the right people to help you improve your online presence? Perhaps looking for business branding or website advice?
Ready to explode onto the digital stage? You already have a great product and you know that there are customers out there crying out for it but you have exhausted your reach and now need something to help you explode onto the digital stage?
Business Web Design
Business Web Design
Time to level up? You already have an online presence for your product or service but it’s time to upgrade? It could be about rebranding, modernising your website, or making better use of technology to drive your business forward?

Most of the businesses we help fall into one of the above 3 categories but don’t worry if you don’t fall into one of these as we love to help and advise anyone who is prepared to listen. The best bit is that you can talk to us about anything related to branding, websites and technological solutions and we will offer you free impartial advice.

Is this you?

You are starting up a new business with an awesome product range but need some help with the ‘techy’ bits, branding, website or automated marketing tools or possibly all three.

Perhaps you don’t have a professional web presence yet. Or your current website is dated and doesn’t reflect your business or maybe you just want to achieve better results with it. It could be that you tried building a website yourself on one of the many self-build platforms but you keep postponing as there is so much to figure out or it just won’t do what you need…

Setting up a new business and establishing an online presence is a lot of work. It requires specific knowledge and expertise to support you on this journey and to help you build what you deserve.

That’s where we come in!

Who are we?

We’re Business Analytics and Technology Services but that’s a bit of a mouthful so most refer to us as BATS (far easier to remember). We offer a range of general branding, website build and technology services but we specialise in supporting new and small businesses to start selling their products and services online (via a website)

We’ll transform your ideas into a brand and/or website that perfectly fits your business, excites your customers, and showcases your products and services. A beautiful design alone isn’t enough. You want your website to be effective: bringing in more customers, sales and profit. That’s why we add strategy to the mix and are keen to understand your longer term business goals so we can future proof your solutions and we can form a long standing technology partnership.

Oh and I nearly forgot… you can have it all up and running within a month!

We're Proud of our Inspiring Reviews from Real People

BATs are an exceptional company offering a first class, professional website service.

They were superb throughout the building of my website, answering all questions whilst working with me to ensure the site met all requirements around my new business niche, and have provided ongoing support and training.
Stephen Porter
Owner, SPP Digital Marketing
They're wonderful website developers to work with. Flexible with project times and extremely knowledgeable. They're been fantastic and give honest and sound advice. I'm happy to continue a working relationship with them.
Leenisha Pather-Friend
Owner, Pather-Friend Property Digital Marketing
Really outstanding support and service. Blown away by the advice and professionalism in delivery, within hours! Truly amazing.
Mark Doughty
Co-Founder, Alfie and Arthur Childrens' Books
Bats' financials make it viable for small business to get to market at minimal cost. They're build speed is inspiring. The website was up within 7 days and I'm immensely proud of the quality finish. They're fast and will work with you to find solutions.
James Kearslake
Owner, LGBTQ Wellness - Trainers Directory
An absolute pleasure. From the beginning they were passionate with supporting me turn an idea into a website. They're curious, creative, and responsive.
Nadir Khan
Owner, Nadir Khan Psychotherapy

Website and Branding

We combine design with strategy and build you a brand and website that gets results.

Branding and web strategy will transform the right visitors into enthusiastic fans and repeat customers. Your brand will be distinctive, will inspire confidence and exude professionalism. Google Analytics provides valuable insights about the use and performance of your site. Knowledge you can use to further improve your strategy, achieve your long terms goals, and get even better results.

We will work with you to develop a range of branding tools for use across multiple platforms and will include your fonts, patterns, colour codes, etc. These will be essential for creating brand consistency on your social media and other marketing materials.

Email Marketing

Business Web Design
Business Web Design
Business Web Design

There seems to be a misconception that email lists are old school and no longer have a place in the modern world, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Building and growing an email list is invaluable. Keeping an email list is the only free way to guarantee that your content lands with your customer base! We can help your business set up and automate the distribution of your email content.

Subscribers are usually interested in what you have to offer and are therefore easier to convert into paying customers than followers on social media.

Are you ready to take action?